Auto Maintenance

Oil and grease from cars, asbestos worn from brake linings, zinc from tires, and toxics from spilled fluids often make their way into the storm drain system and DO NOT GET TREATED before reaching Lake Champlain. These wastes make our waters unhealthy and unsafe for people and wildlife.

Follow these practices to help prevent stormwater pollution…


Cleaning Work Sites
Avoid hosing down your garage floor and driveway; instead, sweep regularly. Also, use non-toxic cleaning products. A water and baking soda mixture works great on removing corrosion from battery terminals and cleaning chrome; mix the soda with a mild, biodegradable dishwashing soap to clean wheels and tires. Additionally, a mixture of white vinegar or lemon juice with water can be used to clean windows.


Avoid accidental spills by using a drip pan and funnel when draining or pouring fluids. Be ready for unexpected spills by preparing and using spill containment and cleanup kits. Kits should include safety equipment and cleanup materials such as kitty litter, sawdust or cornmeal. Furthermore, prevent leaks from stored vehicles by draining gas, hydraulic oil, and transmission, brake and radiator fluid. To report serious spills, call 1-800-641-5005.


The law requires people to recycle motor oil and lead acid batteries. REMEMBER: Never dump them down storm drains. Other items which can be recycled include oil filters, antifreeze, cleaning solutions, hydraulic and transmission fluids, metal scraps, water-based paints, and used tires. For recycling information, call (802)524-5986.


Washing Vehicles
Take vehicles to a washing facility to prevent oil and grease, suspended solids and other toxics from washing into our storm drains. At home, vehicles should be washed on the lawn, which can absorb unwanted runoff. Washing your car on pavement sends detergents directly into storm drain systems and streams. Even biodegradable soap can be toxic to fish and wildlife.


Summary of Helpful Tips

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